Ekos integrates with your existing store

Ekos is a hosted Global ecommerce platform that enables online retailers to quickly enter new markets through creating localised versions of their store. Ekos can be run stand-alone or integrated with your existing store.

Maintain brand consistency

Each localised store is branded and customised to match your existing store.

Grow 70% faster.

Online brands that have 3 market-specific stores grow 70% faster than brands that have one store.

Integrated translation

Ekos integrates professional human translation directly into the administration of each localised store and gives a real-time translation status for each store.


Market Specific Pricing

Gives retailers the ability to tailor pricing to individual markets, to ensure retailers never under or oversell and have the ability to include operational costs specific to new markets.

Responsive Design

Every Ekos store is optimised for mobile and tablet out of the box.

Custom Domain Names

Ekos can be easily setup to run your stores using any domain name you like.

Customs classification

Live customs classification and duty calculation ensures international customers always know what they’re paying and orders are never held or delayed in customs.


Go live in 1 day

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