Manage multiple stores with ease

Real-time dashboards and reports give you a clear view of every aspect of your business, from global to regional country level. Smooth, seamless visibility across all stores.


Accept orders in multiple countries, languages and currencies. Orders are filtered by store to either be batch fulfilled by region or fulfilled separately by dedicated local fulfillment centers.


Connect with and understand customers better than ever before. Each customers' activity is recorded against their record enabling businesses to personally serve each one.


Products and content can be localised for each store and market. Product attributes such as images, descriptions, prices, currency, legals and shipping costs can all be localised.


Fully-featured content management system that lets you build and manage your store. Easily create web pages, contact forms, banners and more.


In matured internet markets mobile visitors already constitutes a very significant proportion of visitors, but in many emerging markets they actually outweigh traditional desktop visitors. Ekos Global helps maximise reach and market penetration both domestically and internationally by offering a responsive store by default.


Groundbreaking store design tool for web professionals. Rapidly design and customise stores. Total creative freedom to customise the look and feel of each store.