Ecommerce Translation

Overcome the language barrier and increase international sales by translating product descriptions, user product reviews, comments, and customer support emails.

Fast turnaround

Translate millions of words in a fraction of the time of traditional services. Over 90% of all jobs completed in under 24 hours. Our service is available 24x7x365.

Quality control

Rigorous quality standards. Top certified professionals. Glossary, style guidelines, proofreading, editing, and review to ensure consistency and tone of voice.

Cost effective

Best possible price and quality from professional translators. Engineered from the ground up for optimal efficiency. Up to 70% lower price for equivalent quality.

High volume translation

Utilize a global pool of thousands of translators. Our technology is capable of delivering large volumes of human-powered translation directly into your store.

On-demand translation

Order translation on-demand within the store administration interface. Convenient and easy. Ideal for your marketing team when updating site content or adding new products to the store.

Translation management

Keeping your store content translated everyday. Translation management is an add-on service that will monitor, analyse, and update your stores with new translations when changes are made.

Data feed

Quickly translate large volumes of text using data feeds. Import and export translation in bulk using text data files. Supported files formats include CSV and XML.

Translation API

Integrate your system with Ekos Global to take advantage of our translation technology. Our translation API is available via RESTful- and SOAP-based web services.